(2019) 15u End of the year Rankings

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wdt_ID Rank Logo Team Circuit Notes Previous Rank
1 1 Nightrydas E15 Nightrydas has been dominate all year - winning Nike E15 3
3 2 Team Final E15 Lost to Nightrydas in the E15 0
4 3 Indiana Elite Adidas Had amazing Travel season 1
5 4 E1T1 E15 Losing to Nightrydas by 5 in the elite 8 of E15 3
6 5 Bradley Beal E15 N/A 0
7 6 Team Why Not E15 Beat Team Takeover in Pool and lost to Team Final by 10 5
8 7 PSA Cardinals E15 N/A 0
9 8 Bates Fundamentals E15 N/A 7
10 9 Team Takeover E15 N/A 10
11 10 Strive For Greatness E15 Played Well all Year couldnt finish the year as we expected 4

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