Rankings are up to date (2021)

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wdt_ID Rank Logo Team Circuit Notes Previous Rank
1 1 Georgia Stars E15 Won The Tip-Off Classic Spring Session 0
3 2 Team United E15 Lost to Georgia Stars in the Semi Finals at THE TIP-OFF CLASSIC 0
4 3 Team Griffin E15 N/A 0
5 4 BMAZE Elite UAA Lost to GA Stars in the championship Game in The Tip-Off Classic 0
6 5 Drive Nation E15 N/A 0
7 6 The Skill Factory E15 Lost to Bmaze at THE TIP-OFF CLASSIC 0
8 7 AOT E15 lost to TSF at THE TIP-OFF CLASSIC 0
9 8 Team Thrill UAA N/A 0
10 9 E1T1 E15 N/A 0
11 10 Bates Fundamentals E15 N/A 0

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