Date of Rankings 5/10/2021

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wdt_ID Rank Logo Team Circuit Notes Previous Rank
1 1 Team Final E16 Didn't play this week 2
3 2 Houston Hoops E16 Didn't play this week 4
4 3 Team Durant E16 lost to Mokan Elite 1
5 4 Bradley Beal E16 Didn't play this week 5
6 5 E1T1 E16 Playing up at Made Hoops Southern Tip-off lost to Uplay 3
7 6 TSF E16 Went 4-0 in Dallas 8
8 7 JL3 E16 Went 3-0 in Dallas beating beating Dream Vision, Utah prospects 12
9 8 Team United E16 Won Big Shot event - won the championship by 30pt over Houston Defenders 14
10 9 CP3 All-Stars E16 went 3-1 In KC beating Howard Pulley, Mokan and Indy Heat 0
11 10 Midwest Basketball Club Independent won the event called the Journey 11

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