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Suwanee, Ga – This year’s Tip-Off classic was the best year yet with teams coming as far as California. Despite being in a pandemic – the tournament took its place as the Top Tournament in the country – hands down. Here are our notes from the 2021 Tip-Off Classic.

Nightrydas 8th grade are the real deal. I heard a lot about the Nightrydas 8th grade but wanted to see it for myself and I got the chance to see them Saturday versus Team Huncho. Nightrydas 8th grade chose to play up during the TTOC and beat their first 2 opponents by 20 plus including Team Huncho. Benny Fragela started the game out with 4 consecutive 3pt which had everybody in the gym scratching their heads. This kid is one of the best shooters in the country, no matter the class. Cameron Boozer is a stud – it runs in the family. Cameron is the son of Carlos Boozer, and you can see the talent is in this kid’s blood. It’s hard not to consider Cameron the best prospect in the 2023 class; he already has a pro body with the skills to match. Dante Allen – let’s just say he is Mr. Do it all.  He is the engine to this team, and he is what makes this team go. Despite losing to TSF in a poorly officiated game they still made a huge impression on me and my staff – we will continue to follow them.

Game Elite (3SSB)Scoot Henderson did not disappoint. You could easily tell what court Mr. Henderson was playing on by the number of people watching the game. Everybody came to see Mr. Scoot Henderson. He is what we call IT. His supporting cast played well. Mason Lockhart aka baby Zach Randolph has been amazing for this Game Elite team. THE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN A PLAYER I HAVE SEEN IS PARRISH JOHNSON JR. Parrish Johnson has been absolutely amazing for Game Elite. He is their best defender, and his offense has come along as well. I’m so impressed with this kid. PJ had 25pts, 5reb, and 2 assists versus Bmaze Elite.

SOH – Elite – Based of the number of views that Hansel Emanuel gets (the 1 Arm sensation) you would come to the conclusion that this team was all about Hansel but that’s far from the truth. This SOH team is really a good team and they proved that by beating Team Dickerson who went 4-0 the week prior. Angel Montas stood out in this game putting his team on his back down the stretch. SOH finished the weekend with the record of 2-2.

Wood Elite: Remember Wood Elite’s name. One of the most talked about upsets in the Tip-Off Classic Tournament is Wood Elite beating Nightrydas 9th grade team, who was playing up, by 20 points 72-52. Coach told me that in warmup, the Nightrydas team was dunking, but when that ball tipped off, they went to work. I expect big things from this Wood Elite Team.

Dillion MitchellE1T1 Dillion was the most intriguing prospect to me at The Tip-Off Classic, outside of Scoot Henderson. Dillion has the athleticism and size to be an immediate impact at the next level. Remember this name – Dillion Mitchell – I think he will an NBA player one day.

Team Heat Elite is a team out of New York. They came to The Tip-Off Classic after missing out on the tournament last year and they didn’t disappoint. Just by looking at this team you would think ok nothing to see here but not so fast! This team can really pla. Lead by Zaire Baines who is a straight bucket. Team Heat Elite won the 11th grade division and gets an invite to The Show in July.

Georgia Stars 2024– The Georgia Stars 2024, or 9th grade, whichever you prefer finished as the #1 team in the country. The 9th grade division was so loaded that whoever came out of this gauntlet would easily be the #1 team in the country. This team was poised down the stretch losing to Team United by 17pts they worked their way back in the 2nd half to become victorious in the game. Rodrigo Farias was simply amazing getting to his spots scoring, putting his teammates in position to succeed.

AOT – AOT didn’t play any tournaments last year due to covid-19 and their first time playing since was at THE TIP-OFF CLASSIC. Despite being a little rusty, the program picked up where they left off 2 years ago by winning both 7th and 8th grade divisions – lead by lead guard Kevin Savage. Their very talented 9th grade team lost to a great TSF team by 5pt, and this game could have gone either way. The 10th grade team lost to a very talented Georgia Stars team in the semifinals.

E1T1 – This program has put a lot of players into the NBA and the future looks bright for this program. The 10th grade team beat the Georgia Stars in the championship 81 – 53 and it was never close. Jason Jackson and Cameron James had a dunk fest. Edgrin James led all scorers with 23 pts, followed by Cameron James 18.

BJ Edwards – Bmaze Elite guard was the most consistent and reliable guard at The Tip-Off Classic, He scored on every level played tremendous defense and oh yeah hit a buzzer beater to beat E1T1 game early Saturday morning. Every College in America needs to be calling this kid he is definitely a program changer.

Here are the GOLD champions by division:

6th Grade Champions – TEAM HUNCHO

7th Grade Champions – AOT

8th Grade Champions – AOT

9th Grade Champions – Georgia Stars

10th Grade Champions – E1T1

11th Grade Champions – Team Heat

Here are the Silver Champions by Division:

9th Grade Silver Champions – Game Elite

10th Grade Silver Champions – Team Huncho

11th Grade Silver Champions – Gulf coast Stingrays

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