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Greensboro– Day 2 at the NYBL got off to a great start with Ball4lyfe taking on the Carolina Cavs. Ball4lyfe led the whole time and really took to the Cavs, beating them 70 – 57. Aidan Singleton led Ball4lyfe with 14pts and Montraivis White, of the Carolina Cavs, led all scorers with 22pts.

Freebandz Elite vs East Carolina Elite

This was an exciting 7th grade game, despite the late score. With a halftime foul count of 14 to 5, in favor of East Carolina, Freebandz was up 32 – 24, behind 16pts from Marcellus Sellers. East Carolina was led by Isaiah Crumpler at the half with 8pts. In the 2nd half, Freebandz’s Raylin Grant scored a quick 7 points off the bench. Lavonta Ivery kept the pressure on East Carolina with his aggressive play getting to the free-throw line. East Carolina was led by Hampton Evans with 11pts and Lavonta Ivery led Freebandz with 23pts. The final score was 64 -41.

Garden City Kings vs Team United

Team United jumped out to a 15 – 0 lead against the Garden City Kings and never looked back. Team United’s 7th grade team is loaded with talent. Quay Watson hit a barrage of 3’s, hitting 3 in a row. Cameron Scott let Team United with 11pts and the final score was 58 – 16.

Team Durant vs East Carolina Elite

By the looks of things early on, Team Durant looked like they were going to run away with this game, but not so fast! East Carolina gave team Durant everything they had and slowly chipped away at the lead. Team Durant proved too much in the end, forcing turnover after turnover. Jadyn Harris led Team Durant with 15pts, Dell Jones followed with 14pt and Anthony Gilkes had 11pts. Momma there goes that man Evans Hampton led all scorers with 26pts and almost single handily won this game for ECE. Team Durant won by the score of 68 – 65.

Ball4lyfe vs Team Loaded

This was a very tight and physical game. Defense was obviously the point of emphasis for both coaches because players barely had room to breathe. Team Loaded led most of the 2nd half by only a small margin and B4L’s plan was to keep it close. The lead stretches from 1 point to 6 points, but not farther than that. With 6:14 seconds left in the 2nd half, B4L tied the game at 38. B4L hit a shot late in the 2nd half to give them the victory 51 – 48. Ka’mari Haston led all scorers with 18pts.


Team Felton vs Atlanta Celtics

This was the last game of the night and you could tell that the players were tired. The game started off slow with a bunch of missed shots, most from point blank range. Team Felton runs off a few baskets to give a lead early, but not by much. The Celtics would eventually take the lead, but not for long. Team Felton wins by the score of 54 – 45.



(Featured game) Team Breakdown vs CP3

This game right here – this game right here lived up to the hype! CP3 and Team Breakdown was a heavyweight bout. By looking at this game you wouldn’t think this was an 8th grade. This game was full of emotions, warnings, 2 techs, ball thrown at the ref, shoving match, plus more.  Kenny Gillion, program director of Team Breakdown, texted me before this event and said that Breakdown’s 8th grade was the best in the country and they didn’t disappoint. Breakdown is long, led by the 6’8 twin towers Matthew and Ryan Bewley. But it doesn’t stop there! I was highly impressed with PG Marvel Allen. Matthew Bewley fouled out late in the 2nd half but the damage was done. Bewley led Breakdown with 12pts and CP3 PG Aden Holloway led all scorers with 14pts. Team Breakdown won this game 62 – 54 in a battle. Both teams will be in our preseason 8th grade rankings, but where?

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