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Powder Springs, Ga – Shun Williams brought 160 campers to Atlanta for his breakout camp. The campers consisted of high school players in the classes of 2022 and 2023. The States represented at the breakout camp were Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana.


Camp Standouts:

Dillion Hunter – Dillion Hunter is currently ranked #14 in our Hoop Hustlers 2022 National Rankings. Dillion is starting to emerge himself as a stud. He made shots from the perimeter, finished in lane and passed the ball when needed.

Robert Dillingham – We have watched Robert this whole travel season. He has been one of the bright spots of the Team United 2023 team. Robert shot the ball well. We are looking forward to seeing what he does this year at Combine Academy.

Zocko Littleton – Zocko was the best shooter at the camp. His stock is rising and will be a player to watch this year in high school. Zocko has a chance to become one of the top 2022 players in the country.

Robert Cowherd Jr – Robert was the most improved player I have seen this summer. Robert has always had the ability to shoot, now he is putting together the complete package and he showed this at the breakout camp with dunk after dunk.

Gai Chol – The 6’11 rising freshman dominated inside. I’m really high on Gai. He possesses the skills to be great, his form on his jump shot is better than most guards. Gai runs the floor better than any big man I’ve seen in the last 5 years. This is going to translate into buckets in the next year or so. He also has great foot work for his size.

Joyful Hawkings – Joyful showed his ability to handle the ball by starting the break after grabbing the rebound. The 6’9 forward from Brunswick, Ga has been dominating around the rim, but dribbling is something he has obviously been working on. Joyful has continued to develop and we expect big things from him.


Here are the campers who made the top 20 game:

Kyle Hanchard

Kendall Campbell

Robert Cowherd

Anthony Grant

Javar Daniel

Robert Dillingham

Zocko Littleton

BJ Edwards

Gai Chol

Justin Farley

Felix Ocpaka

Jared Russo

Bryant Do

Nate Belete

Dillion Hunter

Amir Jones

Jakobe Strozier

Malique Ewin

Perry Smith Jr

Joyful Hawkins

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