The NCAA’s grand attempt to take over college basketball recruiting, how will this effect Independent teams and what should they do?

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The Basketball travel season will look a little different going into 2019. In April, Condoleezza Rice recommended changes to NCCA live periods. This was a direct result of the FBI probe into

College Basketball. College coaches have evaluated and recruited players in April and July over the last decade. So much so that it has almost made High School basketball obsolete.


The changes in the recruiting calendar will consist of removing 2 live periods in the summer (July) and keeping the spring pretty much the same. The Spring live periods are usually the last 2 weekends in April but when Easter falls late in April, like it does in 2019, April will only have 1 live period. This will limit the number of times college coaches can get eyes on potential prospects and in return some prospects will slip through the cracks.



The players, or teams, this will affect the most will be the independents. Before now, during the live period, many independent teams looked forward to playing against top shoe company teams, in front of college coaches. Going forward, these match-ups won’t happen during the live period.  This will limit the chances of student athletes that the NCAA doesn’t consider “Elite” of the potential of going to college.



With social media being as big as it is today, the NCAA rule changes are not a complete death sentence to the student athlete. Independent teams need to play in as many exposure events leading up to the live period as possible. The more exposure a team gets, the better chance your name goes across a coach’s time line.



Before the live periods and the emergence of grassroots basketball, college coaches depended on scouting reports from reputable scouting services. I see this picking back up because of the live periods going from 5 weekends to 2. Players should participate in events/camps who have reputable scouting services. This is another way your name could end up on a coach’s desk. Please take advantage of all the modern-day technology and media to ensure you get your shot at receiving a scholarship.

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