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Rankings are based your program’s Alumni and ranking points. Ranking points are given to a program which competes and does well in reputable tournaments. The amount of points are dependent on the tournament’s reputation and how well you did in the tournament.

wdt_ID Rank Logo Program Location Notes points
1 1 Team South Carolina South Carolina Team South Carolina has sent over 90 kids to college 10
3 2 CP25 Florida One of the most dominate Independent programs in the country 9
4 3 TMP North Carolina Josiah James is the most recent player to play with TMP 9
5 4 Belmont Shore California Belmont Shore has been a solid program for years 8
6 5 Team Power Georgia Team Power has continued to send many kids to D1 programs 8
7 6 AJ Bouye Elite Georgia AJ Bouye has over 13 - D1 players that came through the program 8
8 7 Team WInston North Carolina Team Winston despite not having a shoe deal competes every year 7
9 8 Infinite Skillz Georgia Infinite Skillz has many kids playing in D1 programs 7
10 9 1 Family Florida 1 Family once showtime hoops has been a staple in AAU basketball 7
11 10 BT1 California N/A 7

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